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- Business Model -

We are a Hip Hop publicity firm, specializing in project development and advertisement for Major and independent artists; helping them reach financial freedom  through selling music and performing. FMG offers comprehensive publicity campaigns to secure media exposure and create a buzz around music released by our clients. Our campaigns can target thousands of music and entertainment journalists and tastemakers at national print outlets, websites, blogs, radio and television. We​​​ are the mediators between the client and the platforms needed to reach an active fan base. We are dedicated to harnessing the cultural relevance of Hip Hop music to serve as a catalyst for education and other societal concerns; fundamental to the empowerment of youth.We have a vast amount of information and experience creating targeted advertisement and in project development. Our staff consists of freelance Marketing Professionals from all walks of life, with a burning passion for music and a true desire to help deserving artists. these self-motivated individuals only get paid when you get results.You have spent countless hours developing your talents and advancing your skills, let us advance your career.
++++ live for your dreams and imagine a reality where you are who you were destined to be ++++

                                                            FAN ENGAGEMENT 

fire music global is committed to the growth strategy and long-term relationship management between our clients and fan groups. Our institution facilitate fans in self-expression and in-group acceptance, using both modern online and offline technologies, with the goal of creating social value for fans, which can be transformed into profit optimization for advertisers. Our award winning strategies combined with constant involvement with growing platforms, will allow your brand to reach various age groups and demographics beyond the urban entertainment market.

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.  Tupac Shakur

Often heralded as the "hip-hop bible" by fans and critics alike, Illmatic is proof that you don't need an hour long CD to create a classic album. Nas crammed into 39 minutes more potent material than most rappers are able to produce in twice that amount of time. With A-list producers (DJ Premier, Large Professor, Pete Rock and Q-Tip) supplying the beats, 19 year old Nasir Jones dispensed endless chains of multi-syllabic rhymes throughout his debut LP, tossing vivid imageries and metaphors like confetti. Illmatic is the paradigm of exotic lyricism and stellar production. Not only is this the greatest hip-hop album of all time, it's a must-own for every hip-hop head.